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CHVRCHES - "Gun" (Groundislava Remix)

Accessibility is a word that is now practically synonymous with Glasgow's CHVRCHES, who have taken the indie pop scene by the reigns and are continually tugging it in new directions with their synths and electronic-heavy hooks. Not only is their sound easy to comprehend, but they also motivate others to pick their music apart and tweak each of their songs into something entirely different while expanding into various genres. 

In the case of their new hit, "Gun", they let Los Angeles's Groundislava take a spin at it, which was clearly a smart decision. While Groundislava has remixed everyone from Nicki Minaj to Katy Perry in the past, with expansive textures and locked drum machines, for his remix of "Gun" he decided to stick with the overall melodic direction of the track, up until he splices in his original groove-filled break. This shifts the focus in "Gun" from easy-listening pop to a track suitable for the dance floor with clever builds and drops.

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Dance · Synth Pop


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