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Brummer - Pieces [EP]

Recently released, we have Brummer's new EP, Pieces. Unlike what you would expect to hear from German producer Nicolas Epe, his latest release is much more melodic and "soft"-sounding at times when compared to his older work. That's not to say that he's completely ditched the old hard electro-trash sound, but he has definitely evolved his sound to a much more progressive and introspective style.

"Pieces" gets you up and prepared for the rest of the tracks on the EP, escalating and conveying a tone somewhere between melancholy and hopeful. The fans of Brummer's heavier sound will most likely feel right at home with the third track on the EP, "Crop Circle". Meanwhile, "Waiting" and "Missing Me" take you on a somber journey down into your innermost thoughts, continuing to strike that reminiscent chord that the whole EP does beautifully throughout.  Brummer's careful selection of sounds and excellent songwriting make this a release that is well worth checking out. 

With this EP, I wanted to melt together my current most important musical influences like John Frusciante, The Chemical Brothers, Kavinsky, Crystal Castles, and many more. I wanted to create dark atmospheres and catchy melodies either with my synthesizer ("Pieces", "Crop Circle") or with my guitars ("Regentanz", "Waiting", "Missing Me"). I just wanted to experiment with my equipment at home and discover new sounds without thinking about what I've done before.  -Brummer

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