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Moonchild Presents - Welcome To The Hill Vol.1

In the current economic landscape, Detroit is a city under reconstruction. Once a bumbling metropolis, the motor city has literally transformed into something just shy of a ghost-town becoming one of the poorest cities in the U.S.A. While the people of Detroit's mass exodus from the city left it crippled after 2008, there is no argument that it's teeming history and rich culture are pertinent to the striving city's survival, attracting transplants from all over who want to restore it. The original home of Mo-Town Records and ground zero for techno, house and other electronic music coming out of the states, the music out of Detroit still thrives on innovation. But, with a hip-hop history that includes J.Dilla at its epicenter, you can't talk about the genre without talking about Detroit. Producer and native, DJ Moonchild showcases this legacy with Welcome To The Hill Vol.1, a lyrical buffet that includes the likes of Jus Ra, Trav Williams and production from A.P. Check it out below

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