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Naughty Boy - "La La La" (Feat. Sam Smith) (Mike Hawkins Remix) [Exclusive Download]

While we here in the States have been propelling Macklemore and Justin Timberlake to chart-topping positions, the Brits have been enraptured by the musical musings of English artist Naughty Boy and his track "La La La" with Sam Smith. Having reached #1 for two UK categories, many a DJ has given the track some remix attention. However, Denmark's Mike Hawkins (founder of the promising Megaton Records, which currently fosters fresh talents Filip Ilic and Toby Green) gives his peers a run for their money with this electro progressive rework.

Naughty Boy's original did claim first chair for dance tracks, but Hawkin's remix takes the garage-inspired song to new heights.  Flattened xylophones weave between the now famous vocals, leading the climb and emerging on the other side as sharp, skittering beats. It's the perfect blend of pop, stirred with heavy builds and filled with percussive drops. Look below for the download link, and stay tuned for a slew of new releases, including an official remix of Paul Oakenfold's next single, a new track off Bingo Players' Hysteria Records, and a commercial single coming out on Warner/Parlophone this summer.

Mike Hawkins Remix

Naughty Boy

"La La La" (Feat. Sam Smith) (Mike Hawkins Remix)

  • 2013-06-11
Dance · Exclusive · Progressive


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