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Jaymes Young - "What Is Love" (Haddaway Cover)

Newcomer Jaymes Young has a relatively small sample of music out there, but each track stands out on its own merit. I first heard of Young through his "Dark Star" track, and now he's graced us with a cover of Haddaway's dance classic "What Is Love". Reworking the song entirely, Young gives the song a decidedly more romantic and sensual feel as we are serenaded with his relaxed crooning. Riding the strength of Young's production, consisting of ample rock elements coupled with a downtempo nature, you'll slowly find yourself floating away. While I personally would like to hear more variation in the passion throughout the track (a la the section at 2:48-3:05), I'm a definite fan of Young's style. With an upcoming mixtape supposedly dropping in early July, I'd keep your ears open to this artist, as I imagine many good things coming from him in the (near) future.

What Is Love Cover Art


Cover · Downtempo


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