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Denzel Curry & Nell - (Feat. Sir Michael Rocks) "Shepherd"

I was recently introduced to florida based rappers Denzel Curry and Nell and I have to say that I like what I hear. The new Florida sound that's forming courtesy of Raider Klan and its affiliates is some thing to be noticed. An unlikely addition to the song Sir Michael Rocks didn't disappoint and held his own on this gritty South Florida banger. Eerie cloud like instrumentals are courtesy of Poshtronaut and Nuri. Nuri has been gaining traction as a producer with tracks like this one and others for artists like Robb Bank$. I was not fully clear how the name Shepherd was relevant to the songs but really it does not even matter. This is one of those songs you recite the lyrics to in front of your friends as it plays so they can really take in the bars! I'm looking forward to hearing more coming out of South Florida and you can expect to see this song come out on Ashley Outrageous' The Playlist Vol.3

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