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Catching Flies - "Stay Forever" [Premiere]

The 22-year-old electronic producer from the UK known as Catching Flies has been creating amazingly beautiful ambient music for nearly a year now. After much positive acclaim from his first The Stars EP, Catching Flies revamps the hype with his second EP called The Long Journey Home, to be released via Indigo Soul on June 17.

Catching Flies' new EP takes ambient music to a whole new level. Soft vocals and experimental beats guide you along a slow moving river, engulfing you with deep routed feelings and emotion. The Long Journey Home is a three track EP with two remixes from chillwave figurehead Sun Glitters and electronic dance music producer Village.

The single "Stay Forever" is a soothing ambient track that calmly drifts you along and slowly builds into an amazing saxophone solo that seems to fulfill everything you've ever wanted out of the song. The experimental beats, soft background vinyl sounds and subtle bass makes for a truly breathtaking song.

"Grey Skies" and "The Long Journey Home" are much of the same. All the beats are soft and organic. Vinyl layers the backgrounds throughout and couldn't fit any better. "Grey Skies" is a somewhat more upbeat, catchy vocal-heavy song, while "The Long Journey Home" is what I can only describe as experimental ambient garage: heavy rimshots seem to be crashing from miles away and subtly float you along an atmospheric dream.

I leave you with Catching Flies' single off the EP called "Stay Forever". Be sure to purchase The Long Journey Home EP on June 17.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/95357564" iframe="true" /]

Ambient · Chillwave · Electronic · Main Stage


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8 years ago

Catching Flies - "Stay Forever" [Premiere]: The 22-year-old electronic producer from the UK known as Catching ... http://t.co/1u9IBxhKFB

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8 years ago

Catching Flies - "Stay Forever" [Premiere] http://t.co/jMIwXYtrNc