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Angel Haze - "No Bueno"

In the world of rap, females are more often that not given the short end of the stick when compared to their male counterparts. Because of this, the scene ultimately pits new up-and-coming females against each other (Nicki Minaj doesn't count). Will she be the next MC Lyte? Queen Latifah? Missy Elliott?  Though fairly new to the game, XXL Freshman Angel Haze is quickly making a name for herself and could easily go toe-to-toe with any of today's rappers; her ability to tell a story, be it dark, graphic, or disturbing, has solidified her voice amongst the masses. "No Bueno", a track featuring some very abrasive rhymes coupled with a poignant chorus, definitely does not disappoint. Though Dirty Gold, Haze's debut album, doesn't have a release date yet, expect it sometime in the near future. Expect some thought-provoking work from this female MC.

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