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Bromance #10 - Kaytranada & Suicideyear [Preview]

Bromance founder Brodinski has a keen taste for new, raw talent and he has propelled two future stars to the forefront of hip-hop inspired electronic music. Both Kaytranada and Suicideyear show their prowess in this latest offering from the Parisian label offering as they delve deeper into the hip-hop beatcraft. 

Montreal native Kaytranada is known for his multi-genre versatility and he uses this again switching up classic hip-hop beats with a low-end that will send ripples through your body. Following the success of his mixtape for Bromance, his 'Free Things in Life' continues his growing reputation as a producer who can't help but produce catchy beats. Suicideyear goes for a more trap influenced sound with 'Finale' creating a more subtle, eerie track with a sound reminiscent of the X Files theme tune but no less effective than Kaytranada's.

Bromance #10 will see digital release on June 3 before being released on vinyl on June 21 via Vinyl Factory. Would also recommend a follow of Brodinski's Instagram as he gets up to some pretty interesting stuff.

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