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A K U A - "Told You So" [Premiere]

Montreal-based A K U A (pronounced a-koo-ah) is a newcomer to the music scene, who has hit the ground running displaying a versatility in her sound that is hard to come by. Through both of her released songs A K U A blends R&B and soul to create vocals that can subtlety maneuver their way through an emotional ballad or carry a heavy presence over an experimental electronic beat. The latter of which is fully explored in her new song "Told You So" an unusual, yet surprisingly satisfying force that distorts hip hop while stretching through its elastic sound.

"Told You So" is the type of song that has to be shown to someone if they are expected to come to an accurate understanding of it. Bending through various emotional states, the single draws on an overall enigmatic sound, fueled by experimental scale structures that are transformed into a cohesive putty as A K U A's vocals bring the composition together. Throughout, hollow textures are pushed forward by panning tones and a foreboding low bass melody to make for a playful, yet cautious experience. 

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If  a more conventional song is desired, in her debut track "Gravity" A K U A's vocals are not far off from those of Rhye, or Jessie Ware. As it's name implied there is a a sense of "Gravity" around the instrumentals as they act as a mellow force holding A K U A's eccentric vocals close to the ground, where they manage to escape the boundary for an experimental flow just before the break.

Provided is the song's video, which was directed by A K U A's brother Kofi Carson and follows the troubles faced by a Mermaid. From being free to roam the sea, the mermaid is then hunted down by a fisherman, who takes her captive and seemingly kills her. While she is held captive and bleeding out the song climaxes and she lets go through the break, only to once again be free as she was.

A K U A's debut album is co-produced by Andy Bauer of Twin Shadow and Martin Rodriguez of She's Got A Habit. One's Company will be released on June 4th. 



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