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Emerging Artists Friday Roundup

In our campaign to discover and shine a spotlight on the best and new producers in the game, we've received some great submissions. Every Friday we'll be doing a roundup of the week to feature the top artists both on Earmilk and Wavo. At the end of every month we'll be releasing the best submissions on a partnering label, where the featured artists will see their tracks hit Beatport and iTunes. This time around we're partnering with Ottawa's Capital Boom Records, and throughout the summer we'll be announcing a number of other labels to release with.

Check out all of the submissions embedded below. Our top three tracks right now come from local producers Slim Signal, Guy Ellis, and Adam Spears

Slim Signal's track is a well produced, big-room electro banger that received well over a hundred plays on our chart. Huge breakdowns summoning even bigger drops, the duo put together a banging track that reminds us of the Dutch sound. Congrats to Slim Signal for being the top trending track in the first full week of our emerging artist series!

'Stepper' is a great chill-wave, garage-esque track that is currently in second place on the chart. Through some well-done sampling, the vox provide a nice backdrop to the very unique keys, carrying the track quite nicely. Great progression from start to finish, 'stepper' is definitely one of the most unique, standout tracks in the chart.

Finally, Adam Spears returns to the Emerging Artists series. This time our reigning champion dropped us a cool mix, of a old-school house build-up with a fat, banging drop. Great work on the keys, 'The House is Mine' is a nice summer track that has been well-received in our charts.

The series is ongoing! Submit your track to our microsite here:  Then get your fans and friends to vote, and get it ranked up in the chart.  Our A&R team will be listening and releasing our favourite tracks with full support from Earmilk and our partners. This is an opportunity to launch your career in the music industry and to have your work featured on Earmilk as well as trend on wavo.me's global music charts!

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7 years ago

Emerging Artists Friday Roundup: In our campaign to discover and shine a spotlight on the best and new produce... http://t.co/fTrsH8EYmL

Slim Signal
7 years ago

RT @earmilkdotcom: #EARMILK : Emerging Artists Friday Roundup - http://t.co/VLgFikx5us @AdamSpears_ @RealSlimSignal