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Alexander Spit - "PCH"

Alexander Spit is busy prepping for his next project. The California rapper/producer just released the opening track, "Valet Park, CA" off his upcoming instrumental LP Mansions 2. Now Spit surfaces with his second release, "PCH," which sounds like a progression from "Valet Park, CA." Just 1:37 in, "PCH" is that addictive tune you'd play in your car driving with the windows (or top) down during the upcoming summer season. The Decon Records signee experiments with a few different sounds and effects for an addictive, electronic/dance-influenced track with some cool hints of jazz. You might remember the track from Spit's short (and I mean really short) trailer for Mansions 2. Unfortunately, it ends a bit too soon. Check out "PCH" via Spit's soundcloud, below.

Mansions 2 drops May 28th.

mansions 2 artwork

Experimental · Instrumental


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