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Neosignal - "Planet Online" (Official Video)

Hamburg-based Florian Harres & Michael Bräuninger, known to many as the drum and bass duo, Phace & Misanthrop, united in 2011 as the eclectic electronic duo Neosignal. In just a couple years they’ve established a hard-hitting, yet peacefully hypnotic sound that has more artistic German engineering than a Porsche 911. They’ve garnished their success with praise from, Amon Tobin, Skrillex and Noisia, demonstrating their genre-defying appeal to music fans.

Drawing on influences ranging from Can to Led Zeppelin, the classic rock connoisseur will undoubtedly notice a perfect balance of industrial 80s EBM (electronic body music) and Krautrock, this decade’s heavy bass production, and in my opinion, straight-up funk. Altogether, we’re blessed with sounds that will overwhelm us with the past while keeping our internal tachometers redlining on the dance floor.

Their latest single, “Planet Online,” from their forthcoming album Raum und Zeit is complimented with a music video that takes this notion to the next level. Perhaps, even a statement of our changing childhood culture via the universal use for the Internet. It is an immediate flashback to the most iconic 90’s toys, eerily modified to represent this generation’s version of “toys.” From Buzzfeed to Wikileaks to porn, “Planet Online” will have you simultaneously grooving and pondering history’s mystique transformations. It should be no surprise it got over 50k views in just a few hours.

The video was created by Dent De Cuir, the Production Company and collective who’ve previously created videos for Modeselektor and Siriusmo. Jean-Philippe from Dent remarks, “The idea behind the video was to look at how the next generation are interacting with the internet and are faced with an ever expanding range of content. We employed early 1990's advertising aesthetics so we could recreate the Internet by using toys as the media. It was an exciting (and intense) experience that felt like being back in childhood for 2 months” 

“Planet Online” will be released on Division Recordings exclusively on Beatport May 27th and on iTunes June 10th. The complete Raum und Zeit album is slated for release on June 24th. However, this retro perfect video is here for you now. 


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