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Paul Wolinski - "Replicator"

Paul Wolinski is one member of a peculiar band called 65daysofstatic. This band combines math rock and post-rock with a healthy dose of electronica. Even though you may have never heard of 65dos, chances are you may have heard one of their songs in a musical score or in an indie movie. They quite the dynamic band, in terms of sounds, styles, and involvement in several different projects. In any case, Wolinski is part of the driving force of this band, and his solo work proves it as such. His solo production of "Replicator" subtly shows the persona and colors of 65dos. Ambient effects and edgy snare claps echo through the first half of the song, but then tapers off into distortion and synchronized mayhem. This particular song was developed to be the score of Jean Abreu's new performance piece Blood. Abreu is a forward-thinking modern interpretive dancer who is looking for different paths to take in his performance career. Blood will involve creative uses of eclectic color through high-tech motion-capturing cameras to further enhance the organic nature of the human body. As you listen to "Replicator", it's organic and unorthodox structure syncs in harmony with Abreu's ideas.

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Cinematic · Experimental


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