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Holy Ghost! - "Dumb Disco Ideas" [Video]

The New York born and bred duo, comprising of Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser, released their self-titled album in 2011, and with the heavy stream of live shows and DJ sets, have proven to be successful members of the DFA family. 

Now it's 2013, and they are ready to show the world what they have quietly been working on since their debut. They have recently announced that their second album, Dynamics, will be out this fall. While there is no exact release date yet, they have posted online their first single off of the sophomore release, "Dumb Disco Ideas."

It's a stark contrast to their last song, "It Gets Dark," as well as their previous album, which showcased a darker aesthetic to their look and feel. However, their growth since 2011 is evident in this latest track. An artist once told me that positivity was so much harder to convey into art, and that seems to apply to the duo, Holy Ghost! is growing and becoming even more of a force to be reckoned with. 

Holy Ghost! are currently touring around the west coast, and then later playing at various festivals such as FYF, Bonnaroo, and Governors Ball. They also have plans to tour with New Order beginning in July. 


Dance · Nu-disco


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