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Deorro - "The Disco Donnie" [Free Download]

A little over a year ago, I stumbled across some tracks by a relatively unknown artist, TON!C, an electro house DJ and producer from Los Angeles.  “Love To Keyboard”, which features this captivating piano melody before transforming into an all out banger, and “Lead The Way” showed me a new sound, the likes of which I hadn’t really heard in this genre. When TON!C had to change his name to Deorro for legal reasons, I feared the traction he had gained as an artist may be lost. Well the opposite is true, as the young gent has amassed a growing, loyal following, having released on such labels as Dim Mak, Cr2, and Mixmash. Today he gives away “The Disco Donnie” as a free download, a fast-paced ride that seems to give one energy just by listening to it.

Deorro's a regular down in LA, but check his Facebook for upcoming shows in San Francisco, Florida, and Canada, from late May through June.



"The Disco Donnie"

  • 2013-05-08
Electro House


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