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A Sudden Burst Of Colour - Reborn [EP]

Switch your gears for just a moment and step back from all the hip-hop, indie, and electronica you've been hearing lately. A Sudden Burst Of Colour is a post-rock band from Motherwell, Scotland. If you don't know post-rock by now, it's a very specialized and small niche of rock that typically involves complex guitar layering and intricate drumming which provokes some sort of feeling within. ASBOC does exactly that, stripping down post-rock to it's core. They are quite keen in utilizing subtle ambient and atmospheric environments, though it is easily overshadowed by the energy thrown at us through the guitars and drums. You can get a glimpse of their develop sound and technique through their latest EP, Reborn, which dropped in April 5.

Within this EP are three songs. Each song demonstrates their architectural awareness, as they develop them with intricate dynamics. Too many times where I have seen post-rock bands try to mimic or go too "hard". Of course, it is nearly impossible to develop music without some sort of influence, but it's the effort to make it your own that really counts. Reborn demonstrates the some of the core aspects of post-rock. ASBOC incorporates crescendos and overdriven guitars sparingly, which allows the drumming share the spotlight as well. This particular EP by no means is mind-blowing or ground-breaking, but it's a great listen for anyone who is a fan of anything instrumental. 



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