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Modern Machines - "We Are The Night"

 New York City has always been a hotbed for all things electronic. Throughout the long and proud history of music within the city lines, electronic house music has become one of the leading contributors to the area's club scene. You would have a difficult time walking up and down Manhattan city blocks without hearing a club in action and it's safe to say that those tunes you're probably hearing are of some local DJ. Modern Machines is yet another electronic duo that you can now add to the mix. The duo, consisting of native New Yorkers Dimitry Mak and Kapla, are long time contributors to the world of eclectic, electronic music. In 2011, they joined forces behind the scenes to produce remix tracks of hit singles by indie bands such as The Mynabirds and Kaiser Chiefs. Their production quickly gained notoriety and their project has established itself as a must see around the city. 

"We Are The Night" is a single just released by the partnership, and the song shows off their tremendous ability in production. Although the pair is obviously going for a vibrant dance sound, made so popular in New York City, the song is actually much more than just that. Modern Machines has a unique craft with their programming and "We Are The Night" embodies a beautiful group of musical  moments, as bass meets grace and some groovy dubstep style meets a pretty pop influx. This is the type of track that brainwashes the nightclub clan of a major city like New York. Make sure you keep an eye out for an upcoming debut EP,  and plenty of singles in the near future this year.

  • Check out the track in it's entirety here




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