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Borgore - "That Lean" (Feat. Carnage)

Borgore has always been known for his abrasive sounds and raunchy vocal samples. Adding Carnage to his repertoire of featured artists was the only logical next step. Carnage, known for his heavy dubstep tracks and collaborations with artists of all genres, joins the infamous Israeli DJ/producer for a truly mind-battering good time.

"That Lean", the first track off Borgore's upcoming EP, continues this newfangled tradition of mixing everything we possibly can with some form of trap, be it the apreggiated snares or layered and reverbed claps. The weight of most trap these days fits better with this form of dubstep than it does with the other genres it tries to latch on to. Pairing two talented producers of the same genre will always yield something worthwhile, but this track is truly a beast of its own kind.

"That Lean" is a breath of fresh air in the wake of all the questionable "trap" and "trap remixes" that have been popping up left and right. It continues the tradition of heavy grit bass, growling LFO, and punchy synths that defined American dubstep just a few years ago, while combing the current trend of southern trap drum lines. Be on the lookout for both his EP and this track in particular; Borgore plans to release this one for free sometime soon.

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