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Pro Era - "School High" [Video]

It's not everyday that I post about hip-hop, but today is different. There was just something about Pro Era's video for "School High" that resounded with me. Maybe it was the animations depicting various effects and objects throughout the setting, it could've been the laidback vibe of the production, but I took it all in as if I was taking a long hit off that ganja.

The rappers on this track, consisting of Pro Era members Joey Bada$$Dyemond LewisKirk Knight, and Nyck Caution, don't do anything crazy flow-wise instead focusing on carrying the relaxed nature that the production lays down. I was more partial to Bada$$'s and Lewis' verses but neither of the 4 could be labeled as a weak link. So light up, kick back, and find yourself mumbling the chorus "Y'all went to high school, I went to school high" as you drift off into that higher plane.

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