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Black Milk - Synth Or Soul [Album Stream]

Yes, the internet has dictated that musicians make music as hurriedly as humanly possible, but the great ones have learned to move to the beat of their own drum loop. Take master producer, Black Milk. Though he has been generally off the map for some time now, he's as relevant and calculated as before because he's done things at his own pace. With Synth Or Soul, an instrumental album, he proves that slow-and-steady is the right speed to navigate on.

Though it's devoid of raps or rhymes, Synth Or Soul plays out like a concept album. At the heart of it, you have the machinations of today (the synth) pitted against the human elements (the soul). If you want to get really philosophical, you can even say that Milk must go through a similar thing on a daily basis. When catchy video game chops aren't playing, stock quotes carry a story of music's evolution from a place dominated by soul to the one where the internet is king.

Listening to the likes of "When The Sky Falls," "Why Worry," "Wish A N'gga Would," and "Drunk Tweets" you get the sense that Milk has brought both worlds together. So it's no longer synth vs. soul, but Synth Or Soul.

Pre-order it digitally on iTunes, after you listen to it below.

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