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Suicide Sundaes - Week 117

Suicide Sundaes - Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen, Sunday is back. Greg is here to bring you the week's dirty servings, and some old favorites through a throwdown-throwback to simpler times. A time when bangers were big, remixes were bigger, the bassline bled, and we didn't care about anything as long as came in kicking and left screaming.

This week we have so many great tracks for you it will be hard to single out some of the best, but here it goes. First, I would like to make a special mention of an original track from newcomer Tommy Vore, 21 year old producer from the US, making his debut here with "Kontrast". This track goes hard in a way that will be hard to keep your feet from moving. "Kontrast" will be featured in Tommy Vore's debut EP due out on April 10th right here on Earmilk.

Wolf Saga is back this week with a couple tracks, original "Reign at Night" and his remix of Dragonette's "My Legs" produced for Beatport Play's remix contest. Voting for that contest begins April 22nd. Overwerk's glitchy style is gracing us as well in the Scoops section with "12:30", sampling ABBA's "Gimme Gimme Gimme" flawlessly throughout.

Also coming your way this week is F.O.O.L's latest track "Fuck It" and a killer banger from Black Tiger Sex Machine, "Rezorecta". Plus, Dead C∆T Bounce, Kn1ght, The M MachineOwl Vision, Pilotpriest, PrototypeRaptor and much more.

And don't forget, if you're a producer and you want to see if your music has what it takes to be on Suicide Sundaes, submit your mp3s to our SoundCloud Group. We'll take a listen and include the best tracks. Please submit only one or two tracks at a time (320 kbps mp3s) and please try to keep the tracks limited to what you may hear on one of our SS posts (ie. no hip-hop, trap, etc.).

Suicide Sundaes SoundCloud Group




Download: Vector Hold - Deep Undercover 1985

Download: Chromatics - Tick of the Clock (Visione's The Stroke of Midnight Remix)

Download: Chordashian - Cold Nights (SoundSAM Remix)

Download: Wolf Saga - Reign at Night

Download: Koda & Dabin - The Take Down (Original Mix)

Download: Phoenix - Entertainment (Blood Orange Remix)

Download: Rihanna - Diamonds (Disco Demons Remix)

Download: Zedd - Clarity (Ninjula Remix)

Download: Ravolution - Pacific Playland (Original Mix)

Download: Bridge - Do You Right (AFAR Bootleg)

Download: De Nuit - All That Mattered (Jackson Days Remix)





Download: Geometry - Goosebumps (Original Mix)

Download: Tommy Vore - Kontrast

Download: Marina & the Diamonds - How To Be a Heartbreaker (Dimasan Remix)

Download: OVERWERK - 12:30 (Original Mix)

Download: Dead C∆T Bounce - Nothing to Say (The Chaotic Remix)

Download: Deformaty & Lightspeed - Something To Believe In (Deformaty Breaks Mix)

Download: Stoneway - Stranger (Original Mix)

Download: F.O.O.L - Fuck It (Original Mix)





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  • Any reason we had to miss this for 3 weeks?

    Avatar Galafael April 1, 2013 1:28 PM Reply
    • I apologize for that, SS is going through a slight transitional phase, sorting through the intern applicants and bringing some extra help on.

      Avatar Greg April 1, 2013 1:35 PM Reply
      • They better be as good as you!! =)

        Avatar Miss A April 17, 2013 6:47 PM Reply
  • Hey Greg, I can't thank you enough for posting all these tunes we did over the past months.
    I see how this time, though, our track is set to stream only, which really isn't necessary : )
    Much love!

    Avatar Ruben @Ravolution April 1, 2013 8:07 PM Reply
    • Not really sure why that is happening, I will try and get that fixed as soon as possible

      Avatar Greg April 1, 2013 9:11 PM Reply
  • Make every weeks SS like this and we'll be happy as shit! ;)

    Avatar Wybz April 14, 2013 12:10 AM Reply
  • Overwerk is f*cking killing it hey!

    Avatar Wybz April 14, 2013 12:17 AM Reply

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