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PROMO: #MakeBoringBrilliant Concert Series To Host Santigold, Matt & Kim, And B.o.B

Bored in there? Here's another paradox of the internet age: we use the very same devices designed to shield us from boredom to express how bored we are. Constantly, apparently. It's as if the infinite wealth of endlessly-updated information spooling out into the web weren't enough to keep us entertained. We even named a town after how bored we are. What's our problem?

We all know how boring can strike anytime, anyplace. This year vitaminwater®, our sponsor, is on a mission to make all things boring brilliant. Its first stop: Boring, Oregon. On Wednesday, April 3rd, vitaminwater® will host "Brilliance Uncapped," a huge concert event. The evening brings together some wildly diverse talent, including B.o.B, Santigold, Matt & Kim and Yung Skeeter. Just try to be bored with a lineup that amazingly eclectic. Brilliance Uncapped will air live at 9 PM EST on FUSE TV and also via livestream at fuse.tv/vitaminwater, so be sure to tune in.

Earmilk will also be liveblogging the event as the evening unfolds, so watch this space.

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