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Freeway - "Jungle" [Director's Cut Video]

I've been really trying to understand what makes a good performance, and while the answer is somewhat obvious, for me, it's really come down to the energy and passion of the artist at any given moment. It's when I see Brodinski and Gesaffelstein each respectively go dance in the corner because they both love the music they are playing, and it's in the Flatbush Zombies when I see the three masterminds with a good 15 other random people moshing to “S.C.O.S.A.” It's a beautiful thing to see creative minds flowing and no matter what genre, intense love in the air.

That's probably why Philadelphia rapper Freeway's newest song, “Jungle,” gave me such a pleasure to watch. His energy and intense drive made me, for a lack of a better phrasing, happy to see him on my screen. To be honest, this kind of rap is the kind of stuff my guy friends would blast at their apartment on a Friday, not really the kind of thing that a girl sitting alone would usually pick as their favorite of the day, but Freeway has a very infectious flow, and I know I'll definitely be bumping this throughout the day for a quick pick me up (psh who needs 5 hour energy?).

You can catch this track on his album Diamond in the Ruff, which can be found on iTunes




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