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Phoria - "Red"

London 5 piece Phoria are planning on releasing their debut Bloodworks next month, an EP that draws apparent influence from sounds crafted by Sigur Rós and James Blake. The lead track off the EP, "Red" is a piano based emotional ride that should steal your attention. Building off of an experimental backing that meshes samples and a soothing vocal performance, "Red" hits its high point at the finale where a layered electronic element brings the entire composition together.

Allowing the mature sound of "Red" to venture through its lightweight components makes for a personal and rewarding experience that brings on the question of what else the group had in store for their forthcoming release. Expect Phoria to stir up the scene when Bloodworks drops on April 29 via Akira Records.



  • Akira
  • 04-29-2013
Dreampop · Experimental · Indie


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  • that's beautiful... the sample is Richard Feynman talking about beauty, a bit of a genius so he was

    Avatar Ray Mearsley April 4, 2013 10:21 AM Reply

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