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Chris Lake - "Ohh Shhh" (Club Mix)

A long time ago in a decade not too far away, I stumbled across two of my favorite tracks: Chris Lake's bittersweet original “Carry Me Away”, featuring the tender vocals of Emma Hewitt, and a slightly more upbeat remix of Kylie Minogue’s “In My Arms”. Over the years, the Scottish artist’s sound has strayed from his gentler and minimal side, darkening during his work with Deadmau5 on “I Said”, to his most recent festival-ready hit with Michael Woods, “Black Thong”. His release this week, “Ohh Shhh”, continues in this vein with an attention grabbing mid and drops into percussive madness.

Stream: Chris Lake - Ohh Shhh (Club Mix)

Looking forward to more tracks like this from Lake who has upcoming events in the USA, Mexico, and British Columbia.


Chris Lake

"Ohh Shhh" (Club Mix)

  • Ultra
  • 3/19/13
Electro House


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