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The Club - Week 46

This week on The Club I've got a hefty dose of techno to accompany the usual deep house that I've been sharing with you over the last few months. It seems the more I dig into a genre, the farther away I move from what The Club was originally founded on, which was big room progressive & electro house. Colin & Steph have taken over the task of bringing you more big room but every few weeks I'll come fully prepared with selections from the deeper shades of dance music and hopefully a new mix each time. Today's mix features 40 tracks and 2 hours of deep house into techno from the best of this week and Week 43. Thanks again to Julia Martineau, Dustin Kennedy & James Ledger for helping out on this week's post.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/82304699" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Jupiter Jazz
Booty Jazz
Ellum Audio 2013-03-11

Recently underground heavyweights Maceo Plex and Danny Daze joined forces for Ellum Audio and this week released their first EP under the alias Jupiter Jazz, fittingly named "Booty Jazz". With this inaugural EP following up from their successful remix for Switchbox's "Pirates Poetry" earlier this year, the release is simple - three tracks and no remixes and is exactly what you would expect from producers of this calibre. The highlight of the record, "Technology" oozes trippy universal sounds that have been ingeniously integrated with typical Maceo Plex vocoders and Danny Daze basslines. The subtle vocals and perfect percussions really compliment each producer's own element and makes. This EP is up there with the best so far this year and will undoubtedly top charts and stir excitement amongst the deep house community. Grab your copy via Beatport if you're digging the vibes; it's Booty Jazz!

Beatport · Jupiter Jazz on Facebook · Ellum Audio on Soundcloud

Stream:Jupiter Jazz - Technology

Stream:Jupiter Jazz - Shake It Mama

Stream:Jupiter Jazz - Good Girl

Stream:Haze-M - Baby Don't Go (Newbie Nerdz Remix)

Stream:Adam Beyer - Take Me Away (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)

Stream:Boddika & Joy Orbison - &Fate (Original Mix)

Stream:Deadmau5, Imogen Heap - Telemiscommunications (John Roman Remix)

Stream:Wankelmut & Emma Louise - My Head Is A Jungle (Gui Boratto Remix)

Stream:Thomas Schumacher, Caitlin Devlin - Every Little Piece (Hot Since 82 Remix)

Stream:Tube & Berger - Never Work

Stream:Roberto Capuano - Vertigo (Original Mix)

Stream:Kris Wadsworth - It's Time (Jimmy Edgar Remix)


Nobody Else EP
Aus Music 2013-03-18

Straight after being premiered in their recent Essential Mix, Dusky return to Will Saul's Aus Music imprint for the release of their Nobody Else EP. Available from March 18, the release is straight up 4/4 house. With beautiful vocal loops and deep chunky bass throughout, it's clear the British duo is coming up big time for their first transmission of 2013. With 2012 bringing them releases on School, Simple, Leofah and even Maya Jane Coles' Dogmatik Records, this four-track EP, complete with that signature low-slung garage percussion, long breakdowns and perfect vocal stabs is everything you want from a deep house record and has every ingredient to get a dancefloor moving. Although "Atone" smashes out tech-house percussion, the other three tracks on the release are full of those deep Dusky chords.

Dusky on Facebook · Dusky on Soundcloud

Stream:Dusky - Nobody Else (Original Mix)

Stream:Dusky - What I Never Knew (Original Mix)

Stream:Dusky - Atone (Original Mix)

Stream:Dusky - Dummy (Original Mix)

Stream:Corporation Mushrooms, Graeme Stew - Take A Play (Original Mix)

Stream:Beastie Boys - Shadrach (DANK Remix)

Stream:Midland - Bring Joy (2012 refix)

Stream:Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise (Red 2) (Boys Noize Wild Pitch Mix)

Stream:Animal Trainer - Drop In

Stream:Nicone, Sascha Braemer, MLND - Eyes

Stream:Pink Skull - John I'm Only Braindancing (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)

Stream:Namito - City Of Gods (Wehbba Remix)


Fantasy (Kele Remix)

I received a few emails recently about tracks featuring two of my all time favourites; Futurecop! (We premiered the Lifelike remix of their latest single today) & Kele from Bloc Party, who's recent remix for MS MR is a full on bass driven deep house track with that round deep bass that Kele, like many others at the moment, have taken a fondness for. Admittedly I haven't been really keeping up to date with Bloc Party but when Kele first split off from the group his sound wasn't too far off from the original, however obviously more dance infused. This latest remix takes him into another realm altogether, deep and dark and hinting at what might lie ahead for the UK vocalist/lead guitarist turned producer.

Download · MS MR on Facebook · Kele on Facebook

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/80929293" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Stream:P.A.C.O. And Tube & Berger - Greyjoy (Original Mix)

Stream:Eats Everything - The Withywood Walk (Original Mix)

Stream:Friend Within - The Pull (Original Mix)

Stream:Leon (Italy) & Toky - Rock Me (Leon 909 Dub Mix)

Stream:Turntable Orchestra - Youre Gonna Miss Me (Friend Within Remix)

Stream:Kolombo - Baby Move Ur Bud (Original Mix)

Stream:Joyce Muniz, Knixx - Trust Your Enemies Feat. Knixx (Dub Enemy Mix) (Dub Enemy Mix)

Stream:Blond:ish & Climbers - Town Joker (Original Mix)

Stream:Housemeister - Session 1 (Original Mix)

Stream:Blond:ish & Climbers - Town Joker (Philip Bader & Nicon Remix)


Copy Paste Soul
Look At Me
Exploited 2013-02-18

Thanks to several past EPs, London-based producer Copy Paste Soul gained recognition in 2012 and the support of notable artists such as Homework and Tensnake. Recently signed to Berlin label Exploited, we can expect great things to come from this young producer, whose release "Look at Me" was premiered on BBC Radio 1 by Annie Mac and Skream & Benga. "Look at Me" is upbeat deep house with a grimier touch of wobble to it, and a sound reminiscent of fellow UK producers Disclosure. Break beat and vintage chord give this track an old school feel that is highly danceable.

Beatport · Copy Paste Soul on Facebook · Copy Paste Soul on Soundcloud

Stream:Copy Paste Soul - Look At Me (Original Mix)

Stream:Tapesh Dayne S - Hear Me Original Mix

Stream:Pirupa - Party Non Stop (Acid Jacks Remix)

Stream:Terrence Dixon - Minimalism (Silent Servant)

Stream:Jad & the Ladyboy - Do It Get Up (Kolombo Remix)

Stream:Anderson Noise - Prague Metronome (Original Mix)

Stream:Groove Armada - Always Take Me Higher (Original Mix)

Stream:M.in - Punk EDIT (Original Mix)

Stream:Justin Martin and Ardalan - Wheelgunner (Dub)

Stream:Tank Edwards - Little Fish Big Fish Cardboard Box (Original Mix)

Stream:Zoo Brazil - Cut Boots (Original Mix)

Various Artists
Azari & III Remixed
Dim Mak / Turbo 2013-02-25

With the release of their debut album last year, Toronto's eccentric "house band" Azari & III exploded onto the underground scene. With the likes of Jamie Jones, Disclosure, Tiga and Maceo Plex remixing their tracks, this compilation album carries more weight than most. On this edition of The Club, we've included a few of our favourite remixes, but strongly suggest you give the rest a listen as well. Maceo Plex's version of "Manic" has a slower, bass heavy tempo and is much smoother than the original upbeat version. With a grumbling and distorted intone in the background, and reverberating vocals in the foreground, this remix has an undeniably deep house sound. The lesser known track "Indigo" takes on a more light-hearted feel that is jauntier than its original, thanks to a remix by Voyeur. Finally, Locked Groove's take on "Manhooker" gives a far more techno feel to the original track, dominated by singer Starving Yet Full's sultry vocals. Whatever your preferences are, this album's diversity in sound can be truly appreciated by anyone who loves electronic music.

Beatport · Azari & III on Facebook · Azari & III on Soundcloud

Stream:Azari & III - Indigo (Voyeur Remix)

Stream:Azari & III - Manhooker (Locked Groove's Escape To NYC Remix)

Stream:Azari & III - Manic (Maceo Plex Lost Version)

Stream:Atnarko - Bass Bee (Dale Howard Remix)

Stream:Tuneon - Whatchado (Original Mix)

Stream:Purple Velvet - I Need It Original Mix

Stream:Piemont - Get Back (Phonique & Tigerskin Remix)

Stream:Farina, Benedetto & Farina, Benedetto- Give Me What I Need (Roberto Palmero Remix)

Stream:SLG - October (Original Mix)

Stream:Trikk - Floorwave (Original Mix)

Stream:Santos Resiak feat. Dilo - A Better Light (The Martinez Brothers Remix)

Stream:Nick Olivetti - Cash Money

Stream:Aki Bergen - Shine Feat Astral T (Kink Remix)

Adana Twins
Exploited 2013-02-25

It can be a challenge for producers who attempt to morph a classic rock hit into an electronic remix worthy of a spot on dance floors, as expectations are oftentimes kept higher. The bonus track, “Strange”, by Adana Twins is a cover of The Doors’ “People Are Strange” we think deserves a chance to sooth your musical curiosities. The Hamburg duo consisting of Take It Easy and Friso (surprisingly they aren’t related) have been catching a lot of attention these days and their hot streak continues with their Everyday EP featuring the cover track we speak of. Soothing and eerie, it’s a beautiful track laid down with piano that’s perfect for bringing the crowd’s energy downwards as the night comes to a close.

Beatport · Adana Twins on Facebook · Adana Twins on Soundcloud

Stream:Adana Twins - Strange (Original Version)

Stream:Rachel Row - Follow The Step (Justin Martin Remix)

Stream:Len Faki- BTX2

Stream:Ben Sims - Rocket Science

Stream:chris liebing. markus sprengler - ataraxia (original mix)

Stream:motor - hyper lust feat. billie ray martin (pfirter remix)

Stream:Supernova - The World Is Crazy (Original Mix)

Stream:Clarian - Remove Control (Original Mix)

Stream:Guy Gerber, Clarian - Claire (Original Mix)

Stream:KORT - Love Stealing

Stream:Locked Groove - Firefall


Highbeams EP
Hot Creations 2013-02-25

Thank the house gods that Hot Creation exists. Honestly, it’s hard to find a bad track on that record label, as it’s constantly spewing out quality deep house and continues to sign on outstanding artists such as Benoit & Sergio, Digitaria, Danny Daze, Miguel Cambell, and Infinity Ink. The PBR Streetgang remix of Butch’s “Faith” is another one of those songs the label can add to its list of delectable hits. Appearing on the Highbeams EP, the track features hypnotic vocals by Benjamin Franklin that have been chopped from the original and a strong reverberating base line. Inspired by Radiohead’s “My Iron Lung”, this track along with the original on this EP attest once again to the creativeness that makes this label so damn good! Throw in the Maceo Plex & Miguel Campbell remixes and you've got one of the biggest releases this year.

Beatport · Butch on Facebook · PBR Streetgang on Facebook

Stream:Butch feat. Benjamin Franklin - Faith (PBR Streetgang Remix)

Stream:Butch Feat. Benjamin Franklin - High Beams (Maceo Plex Remix)

Stream:Pipes - Cruise control

Stream:Djedjotronic - Back (Original Mix)

Stream:EUROCRATS - Unite (Strip Steve remix)

Stream:Clike - Azimuth (Original Mix)

Stream:Zoe Xenia - You Got Me Started (Catz 'n Dogz Remix)

Stream:Autoportret - Palette Knife (Original Mix)

StreamJJOVIJO - Block Party (Original Mix)

Stream:Djedjotronic - Life (Original Mix)

Stream:Tomas Malo - Beggin It (Andi Rivera Remix)

Stream:Lee Walker - City Rat (Original Mix)

Stream:The Henchmen, DJ Monxa - Lost In Cuba (Kyle Watson Remix)

Stream:The Access - Something New (Original Mix)

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8 years ago

This is not the club :(

8 years ago

I love the diversity that the rotating authors is providing. For the past few weeks Kevin, Colin, & Steph have really been killing it. I certainly like some weeks more then others, but less frequent individual posts seems to be forcing a consolidation of the best jams. Keep up the great work.

8 years ago

I want some bangers I can drop at a club or party that's going to get everyone losing there minds and getting loose, not elevator music. Bring back the old club, and with the downloads too!

Cody Bancroft
8 years ago

Bring the old club back!!!

8 years ago

WHAT IS THIS? just wasted a half hour clickin through every song waiting for the usual good music, do you think everyone who looks at this blog jams out to disco and elevator music? cmon

8 years ago

This is straight druggy music man. Nobody gets into this twisted sound. PLEASE. Give us the old club back. We want stuff that gets us jumping not makes us feel like we did mushrooms and sat in a dark alley way full of weird creatures.

8 years ago
Reply to  Darklotusiiv

i like that trippy shit

8 years ago
Reply to  Darklotusiiv

shut your mouth, your mad cause they chose songs that don't all sound like levels with a CRAZY BUILUP AND A FAT DROP? take your uneducated mainstream bullshit and go fuck yourself :) this weeks club is the fucking shit keep it up

8 years ago
Reply to  Darklotusiiv

This is BS, if you like mainstream oversynthed white noise piece of crap david guetta homomusic with corny vocals and a fairytale melody then GTFO!

8 years ago

I have to agree w everyone what's happen to the club ?! Lost it's touch . .This used to be the reason why I'd come to earmilk so often for all the Electro , Progressive/House not for all this same repetitive songs week after week . Seems like they don't want to give the people what they want. . other than what they want post instead. Give us the old club back !

8 years ago

You're the best poster broo

8 years ago

waiting impatiently for your next post! prog house is cool(sometimes..) but not for 3 weeks in a row! need that d33p shit yo fuck the haters

8 years ago
Reply to  gokevin

Check Night Rumours for all that deep shit! https://earmilkdotcom.wpengine.com/2013/06/14/night-rumours-10/