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Kill Paris - To A New Earth [EP]

Something beautiful about electronic music is how rapidly it is evolving. Each day it seems there’s a new artist that is experimenting and fusing together existing genres and creating something new and fresh. Blackmill is creating this unique melodic sound peppered with dubstep influence. Phonat is fusing together French disco with a massive progressive house sound. Hell, an entire new genre was created when American producer Dave Nada combined house music with reggaeton, resulting in a little something called Moombathon. Music is a constantly evolving entity and there are artists who are making a name for themselves with their innovations.

One artist who is definitely on the rise is LA producer Corey Baker, better known as Kill Paris. In a nutshell, Baker calls his music panty soaking dropstep, but he is less concerned with labeling his music under any specific genre. He remarks, “I’m not a genre whore, because I think if you are focused on labeling your music, you are missing the point.” So church to that Mr. Baker! Where did the stage name come from? Remember when Paris Hilton was a fixture in the media; well his name is an ode to that. Not saying that he wanted to kill her, but more like metaphorically call attention to the fact that our society idolizes people with no value. It was more like a kill the mindset kind of thing for him and he has most certainly killed any preconceived notions I had about his music.

Today his latest album, To A New Earth EP, was released on OWSLA records. We got a little taste for what the album would be like when he released Gramatik’s remix of “To A New Earth” and Griz’s remix of “Slap Me” and the rest of the album certainly does not disappoint. I have heard a lot of sounds, but nothing quite like this. With this album, Paris brings a sound that has heavy glitch hop and French disco influences, driven by this funky yet soulful groove unique to anything else out there. Candyland, K Theory, and Robert Delong also take a crack at remixing one of the albums three featured tunes. “To A New Earth” is definitely an album to pick up and vibe out to. Keep an eye on Kill Paris, I think we are going to be hearing a whole lot more from him and his new future funk jams. 

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