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Trey Palms - "Willie Beamen" [Video]

Baltimore native rapper Trey Palms brings us his newest track along with classic cityscape visuals that mimic the ever-soothing flow from Trey himself. "Willie Beamen", named after Jamie Foxx's character from the film Any Given Sunday, is about not the rockstar lifestyle that Willie was about, but the grind and perseverance that he had to overcome to become such a celebrated athlete. It asks the question, when your time finally arrives and your name is called, what are you going to do?

Local football stars S.J. Tuohy and Michael Oher from the Baltimore Ravens supplied the outrageously souped-up cars found in the video, which in itself shows that the entire city of Baltimore seems to have Trey's back. It looks like once Trey's name is called, he'll undoubtedly be ready to shine.

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