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Munno - The Kind (Xavier León Remix) [Download]

I don't know if it's coincidence, but everything that comes out of Montreal seems absolutely lovely to me. Maybe I'm being selective about what output from that city I consume, or maybe I just have too many wonderful memories from my only visit to that place to which I'm desperate to return. But I don't think I'm crazy; many would agree that Montreal emanates this incomparable energy. So when two Montreal-based producers collaborate, of course, I'm all over it.

Here, Xavier León, who you might recognize from Sibian & Faun or our recent Night Rumours feature, gives his treatment to Munno's "The Kind". Munno released his Early Idle EP (buy it on Bandcamp) last April on Off Top Tapes, and this remix will be included on his forthcoming release on the same imprint. The original "The Kind" is light and airy, with a more ambient feel, and León's take adds a hint of cacophony, with darker weight and machine gun percussion. Download the remix for free below.

Download: Munno - The Kind (Xavier León Remix)

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