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LVL UP - "Nightshade" [Video]

Don't be fooled by the all caps vowel-suck. LVL UP have nothing to do with Nintendo, and you won't find a Gameboy anywhere near their rig. This New York lo-fi outfit is about as far from chiptune as one band can get. But with chunky guitars, big drums, and a charming drawl on the lead vox, the songs on the Space Brothers LP are as addictive as your favorite platform jumper was when you were a kid.  

LVL UP have just released a video for their bite-sized single "Nightshade", directed by Robert Kolodny as a House of Nod production. The visual equivalent of a zinging one-liner, the clip's a subtle throwback to a Nickelodeon childhood shot in arty black-and-white. Your browser's not malfunctioning, by the way - it's a still shot in slow-motion. Just wait for the punch line.

LVL UP will release their Extra Worlds EP on April 6

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