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Evil Needle - "Gliding in the Mist"

French producer Evil Needle really knows how to hit it home when it comes to mellowed down beatstrumentals. He is known for his cloud-surfing beats that will help you fight your high blood pressure. It's been some time since the last big activity from Evil Needle, but that silence has been broken with his latest release "Gliding in the Mist". The title of the track is a pretty good metaphor for the vibes that are resonated from within. It's a silky track with simple keyboarding and minimal effects. The main driver is the modest beat that is looped throughout the duration couple with an echo effect. In the midst of it all, an atmospheric, ambient sound joins which gives the song that airy feeling. Without a doubt, he released this track today in celebration of Valentines Day. It's one of those tunes that act as your musical score in your bedroom endeavors. Go forth, and be smooth.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/79193320" iframe="true" /]

Ambient · Downtempo


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