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Zen Mantra - "La La La La La"

Lose yourself in the low fidelity and distorted guitars of Zen Mantra's debut single "La La La La La". Zen Mantra is the brainchild of New Zealand's 17-year-old Sam Smith, who bedroom-produced his first album How Many Padmes Hum?, out now for streaming on his Bandcamp. The album is due for international release this spring via MUZAI/Stroll On Records/Crash Symbols.

Much like its name would lead you to believe, "La La La La La" will entrance you from the get-go, providing a melody that seems familiar and will cause increasingly enthusiastic hum-a-longs with each listen. Let Mantra's new single take you away with its surf-pop and psychedelic vibe below.

Download: Zen Mantra - La La La La La

How Many Padmes Hum?

Lo-Fi · Psych-rock · Psychedelic · Surf Pop


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8 years ago

sounds like wavves in a good way