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Walter Murphy - "A Fifth Of Beethoven" (Flight Facilities Edit)

Flight Facilities is an electronic duo who are quickly climbing to the top of the scene. With monster singles such as their recent track "Clair de Lune" featuring Christine Hoberg, it's no wonder that the name Flight Facilities has been popping up everywhere. They boast exceptional skill and talent in producing both original tunes and in remixing and editing.

Not too long ago, they dropped an edited version of Soulwax's edit of Walter Murphy's iconic "A Fifth Of Beethoven". It's so brilliantly edited that it almost sounds more like a Flight Fac song than either a Soulwax remix or a Walter Murphy original. This is just mind-bending. More impressive is the fact that it doesn't sound like it was made in this generation. If you have never listened to the original "A Fifth Of Beethoven", you might have never guessed it was an edit. The integrity of the original version is left in place so much that Flight Facilities' editing has merged and fused with the core of the foundation. Stream below for the wonderfully edited version of "A Fifth Of Beethoven"

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/77171777" iframe="true" /]

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