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Tyler Sherritt, Carl Nunes & Ale Q - Survive [EP]

It's not every day that we encounter a progressive house release from Central America, to say nothing of a cross-continental collaboration from three young producers who live hemispheres apart. Such is "Survive", a piece done between house producers Carl Nunes and Ale Q and New York City's Tyler Sherritt. Nunes and Ale Q are Guatemalan national favorites, and their unique experience working in everything from tech house to trance translates through beautifully into "Survive". Sherritt, known locally as a great club act and nationally as a talented songwriter and vocalist, lends his talents in composition to the track. The result is not only great vocals, but catchy ones at that.

Every element that doesn't quite fit the progressive house label that the track fits under is sewn into the track where it's able to seamlessly flow between sounds without being shocking to the ear. And while many times it's fun to be surprised by a complete change in energy, it's great to hear a track that has a calculated flow to it. A collaboration that is interesting and has international depth that you can hear, "Survive" is a wonderful break from the norm.

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Stream:Carl Nunes, Ale Q & Tyler Sherrit - Survive (Jake Shanahan Remix)

Tyler Sherritt, Carl Nunes & Ale Q


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