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So French Records - 4th Birthday Compilation [Exclusive Track]

In December of 2008, a very special French label was born that would become a reference in the field of closed popular Electronic labels... the legendary So French Records

In December 2012, the So French team decided to celebrate the French Touch label by gathering all their energy and creativity around a very special and unique compilation.

Most of the So French artists participated in that marvelous project.

The label over the years has been built on solid foundations, based on already popular artists in the '90s "French Touch" world.

Groups as recognized as Superfunk, Dax Riders, Super Mal and Revolte brought their knowledge and experience to the whole label team to launch an ambitious project based on solid foundations. And thus little known groups appeared and others well known brought their experience.

Names like No Kiss With Gloss, Adrian, Butyreux, Subdue, Bestrack, Allure, Canblaster, Marc Remillard, Ahllex, Crashfunk, Digikid 84, Freshlovers, Anthony Atcherley,Vinter In Hollywood, Overthrill, Autolaser, Sample Jack, Dgto, Soul Machine, Metropolice and many others contributed to create a real alchemy that would seal a friendship forever and a reputation around the same project to be called So French Records.

After 4 years full of quality musical discoveries, the team artists wanted to pay tribute to the compilation project that counted for them...and the 4th Birthday compilation was born!

For the occasion, the compilation includes artists who have marked the label history, as Revolte, No Kiss With Gloss , Butyreux, Anthony Atcherley, Allure, Freshlovers, Outland, Metropolice, Subdue, Soul Machine, Mac Stanton, Sample Jack, Dgto and the presence of an artist from the team Electro News, F.E.M.

We find new original songs and a few new "edits" of old songs already released on the label.

Stream a teaser of the compilation here:

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/3235421" params="" width=" 100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

As I told you, the So French Team offers especially for you, dear Earmilk followers, an exclusive track for free download from the birthday compilation. The track "City Of Karamoon" from Outland, is a solid "64 bit" "Amiga" game soundtrack style.

Download here:

Download: Outland - City Of Karamoon

To celebrate its 4th birthday, the French label will organize this month in Paris a massive party based on the "Compilation" theme at the famous French club Le Nouveau Casino on the 31st of January (event page).


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