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Aria Christian - "Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley Cover)" & "Can I Get Your Attention" [Video]

Although it might have been even more perfect if this had been released about a month earlier for the holiday season, vocalist Aria Christian records a live cover of Jeff Buckley's famous soulful song "Hallelujah", accompanied by Adam Pardey on guitar. The live recording proves that she's for real, and adds an honest and intimidate feel to the video.

Aria, a singer/songwriter from Boston, MA, is an alumni from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Aria shows that she can expand beyond just a basic vocalist with her debut song "Can I Get Your Attention". The song flows beautifully between tempos starting off soft and slow, then, almost out of nowhere, builds into a fast-paced jam, taking influences from '90s hip hop artists, classical music, and possibly more recognizable, Whitney Houston.

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