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Vanilla - For What It's Worth [Album]

Veteran Oxford hip hop beat-maker Vanilla has six releases to his name. His most recent release, entitled For What It’s Worth, roots itself as essential listening if you have any interest in the genre of hip hop instrumentals infused with jazzy samples. The album is composed of B-sides, including outtakes and loose instrumentals from within the past year, which build on Vanilla’s already admired underground repertoire. Even though the album isn’t a major release it deserves credit where Vanilla gives the listener a feeling of warmth through his bass driven tracks. As a whole the album meshes seamlessly together rewarding the patient listener from start to finish. Below you will find 4 highlight tracks off of For What It’s Worth

Download: Vanilla - This Time

Download: Vanilla - Azure

Download: Vanilla - Wishiknew

Download: Vanilla - Rashida

For What It's Worth

Download or listen to the entire Vanilla catalog, including For What It's Worth for free below on their Bootcamp website.

Album Review · Indie · Jazz Hop · Neo-Soul · Nu-Jazz


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