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StraightFace - "Void"

In 2012, we got a large helping of the hip hop group known as Alkyne Forever. Among the acts that really got our attention, one member named Jamal Gillum really grew on me. In the days after the new year began, Gillum released his debut single under his brand new moniker StraightFace. The change in name is attributed to the change in style as Gillum has denounced hip-hop and started focusing more on experimental music. Upon first listen of this new track, it's very evident to see that a lot of the focus has shifted from groove based beats to a more eclectic style of sound. The beats are more lo-fi and seem very experimental in nature and Gillum seems almost revived with his new sense of style. Although rap is still a mainstay with his new single, StraightFace seems evolved and motivated with his brand new approach to music making. Be on the look out for his forthcoming, debut LP entitled Forever, later this year. 

Experimental · Hip-Hop · Rap


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