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Mist Glider - "Glimmer" [Premiere + Download]

Known for his melodic and quirky bass lacing, which often involves ambient aspects in a varying degree, California downtempo producer Mist Glider delivers unique and chill tunes.  Today, we bring you an early peek of his upcoming EP, Neon Sky, which will be out December 20.

Mist Glider has graced us with one of the tracks called "Glimmer". Naturally, it sways towards the downtempo and trip-hop side of the scale, though the beat does pick up towards the concluding minute of the song. Starting off with slow, majestic ambient effects, it gives you a sense of serenity and places any sense of urgency behind you.

Download: Mist Glider - Glimmer

Eventually, the main beat layers in, coupled with modest claps and soft synths to fuel the tune's low-key yet powerful energy. The closing minute of "Glimmer" builds on the rising intensity and anti-climatically tapers off in the bowing-out of the track, which helps it differentiate itself from other electronic songs by using a gradual fader instead of an intense conclusion. Slowly but surely, Mist Glider coasts into our hearts with his serene yet powerful style.


Mist Glider

Neon Sky

  • Self-Released
  • December 20. 2012

Chillwave · Electronic


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