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Koi - "Blind Gamble"

21-year-old electronic music producer and Virginia Beach native Koi (Alex Galotti) is relatively new to the game, but is making huge noises as of late. Boasting an eclectic style, Koi touches upon a wide range of genres. However, he tends to lean towards a danceable, indie-electronic style that is apparent in a majority of work such as his latest album, Maelstorm.

One of his most recent tracks, "Blind Gamble" gives us a sneak peek at where his ears are at nowadays. "Blind Gamble" is a bit of a departure to his trip-hop-esque style of his EP Beginnings, which somewhat resembles something that of E*vax, a side project of Ratatat's Evan Mast. This particular tune is one of his harder hitting mid-tempo grooves. Koi inserts massive snare claps and contrasting chimes to keep the flow chugging along and more often than not, you'll re-play "Blind Gamble" at least one more time.

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