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Andrea Bertolini - Ready for Another Night [Album]

Talent on the verge can be sometimes be spotted by the simplest of things. In this case, it's the release of Andrea Bertolini's second album, Ready for Another Night. Adding a wealth of 11 progressive tracks to his already impressive resume of over 200 releases across all sorts of musical schools. The self-professed "music addict" released his latest work on Iboga Records this week, with the intention of sharing his experiences throughout his past year of touring with his listeners.

An amalgamation of cosmopolitan experiences for Bertolini not only includes the shows he loves performing, but the influences of the producers he performs alongside with. Building consistency in his career, the Italian producer has created an album that is successful across styles, gaining support from a reach of DJs through techno, trance and progressive styles. As listeners, the album provides that same range for the ears: from the techno feel of "Bounce of Future Sound," to the classic progressive layers of "Pride" and "Half Size," to the club energy of "Headed in Crimea."

Stream: Andrea Bertolini - BOUNCE OF FUTURE SOUND

Stream: Andrea Bertolini - PRIDE

Stream: Andrea Bertolini - HALF SIZE

Stream: Andrea Bertolini - HEADED IN CRIMEA


Andrea Bertolini

Andrea Bertolini

Ready for Another Night

  • Iboga Records
  • December 12. 2012
Album · Dance · Exclusive · Progressive


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8 years ago

Reminds me of how much I liked Wolfgang Gartner the first time I heard his stuff