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Isadora - "Falter" [Earmilk Premier + Video]

Brooklyn quintet Isadora identify the early work of Andrew Bird as one of their key influences and inspirations, and that's easy to hear in their confident and diverse melodies. There's many elements to Isadora's sound that are profoundly non-Andrew-Bird-esque: where Bird's music feels meticulous and thematic, Isadora's is more direct and less polished. The over-all feel is one more reflective of a rock and roll band and less of a contemporary folk minstrel.

The two songs that Isadora has released bear this out, with over-arching themes comparable to any number of indie-rock artists, but executed uniquely and confidently. One of those two, "On the Rights", is available below.

Download: Isadora - On The Rights

 Today, premiering exclusively on EARMILK, Isadora have just released the video for their track "Falter". The groups drummer, Jesse Bilotta, had this to say about the shooting the video:

"Real wax was dripped on my chest during the Dom torches Scene. The camera was not rolling on take one! I had to rip all the wax out and start over. Before we started shooting I didn't know that I was going to strip down to my skivvies, I didn't wear boxers with a button up front. All the running scenes were shot multiple times due to the surprise guest popping into the shot.  I got really sick of Fanta after the shooting of the first scene in the video."

Isadora's first EP is set for release on February 19th, and for those of you in NYC, be sure to check them out at Union Pool in Brooklyn on 12/6. You can find the video, along with links to learn more about Isadora below. Enjoy!

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