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Seven Lions - Days To Come (Coyote Kisses Cover)

We've featured the remixology of Coyote Kisses a few times on the site before (perhaps most notably with a "Call Me Maybe" remix), but this latest release marks as a bit of a departure from the remix-re-release norm.

Coyote Kisses, who are Bryce Bresnan and Joe Sussingham, recorded live drum and guitar tracks for this song, and paired those with with their normal electro-synth melodies. The result is a song that's entirely unique from most "remixes" you've heard, though it's a progression that was probably pretty logical to Coyote Kisses. 

Bresnan and Sussingham, who have been friends since junior high, are currently seniors in college, where Bresnan (who is a classically trained pianist) is a music major, and Sussingham plays the electric guitar. These diverse musical sensibilities give Coyote Kisses a sound that's unique from a lot of electronic music. It evidences an understanding of song structure and melodies that supersede trends and 'genre'. We might even call it "math electronica" as theory and algorithms are part of their music-making equation.

It always, always, comes back to the algorithms. Check back for more from Coyote Kisses in the coming months!

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