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Ferry Corsten - Once Upon a Night, Vol. 3 [ALBUM]

Finishing up a year of experimentation and crossover into the mainstream, Ferry Corsten goes back to his roots with the release of Once Upon a Night, Vol. 3. Volume 3 of Corsten's yearly compilation album includes a few current hits as well as quite a few new tracks out exclusively on the release. Overall, it has a feel that reminds us what we love about the Dutch producer, curating a mix of electro and trance classic in his own taste. It's a release meant for multiple uses - a continuous listen, a night out or a night to relax.

"Stella," the most anticipated new track, is another dual effort from Corsten and Markus Schulz. A follow up single to their remake of "Loops & Tings" also featured on the album, it's another example of great collaboration, that allows those who are big fans of both artists to really see where each producer contributed specific elements to the composed track. "Stella" has already seen great success in live sets, and is multidimensional: futuristic, melancholy at times, with an added Middle Eastern sounding flare.

Stream:Ferry Corsten & Markus Schulz - Stella (Original Mix)

The standout trance tracks on the release are highlighted by productions composed by the mixer himself. With a range of sounds included, Corsten sticks to a laid back agenda with smooth sounds that give the album some depth.

Stream:Ferry Corsten - Silfra (Original Mix)

Stream:Purple Stories - Path To Nowhere (Ferry Corsten Edit)

Stream:Festen - Give It To Them (Original Mix)

Once Upon A Night, Vol. 3 also features songs like Felix Leiter's "Nobody's Going Anywhere" that bring an electro house element that Corsten also uses as heavy arsenal in live sets. The melodic progression and layering of synths at the pace that Leiter's done is a classic crossover trance trait, one that is prominent and well executed in the track, making it one of the best on the album.

Stream:Felix Leiter - Nobody's Going Anywhere (Original Mix)

Stream:Dash Berlin feat. Kate Walsh - When You Were Around (Ferry Corsten Fix)

All in all Once Upon A Night, Vol. 3 at first glance could be viewed as yet another mixed album with not much substance. However, that assumption is incorrect: there's depth, new releases and some we've heard before, all curated to give the listener some choice in their listening experience.

Ferry Corsten

Once Upon a Night, Vol. 3

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Matt Walker
8 years ago

Steph, did you know that this track is a remix/remake of Jam & Spoon's "Stella," one of the most classic, groundbreaking tracks in electronic dance music from the early 90s? The original was released in 1992 on "Tales from a Danceographic Ocean." Check out the original on YouTube, then listen to this version. Markus was playing the original "Stella" at his residency at The Works nightclub in Scottsdale, AZ, in the early 90s. I heard him play the original more than once, and the track clearly had a big influence on both men.

Matt Walker
8 years ago

Here's the link to "Stella" by Jam & Spoon: http://youtu.be/vZpkhpfecwg