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Gliss - "Weight Of Love"

Gliss is starting to get noticed again. While the band's next record Langsom Dans hasn't yet seen the light of day, its lead single has already crept onto the new ABC series 666 Park Avenue. And for good reason--the Copenhagen/Los Angeles trio have cultivated an iridescent brand of hook-friendly shoegaze that's as quick to please as it is to unsettle. Queasy, tortured guitar leads play against celestial synths and Victoria Cecelia's honeyed vocals. The juicy choruses on "Weight of Love" flow like liquid sugar spiked with back-alley cocaine--sweet, addictive, and almost unnoticeably insidious. With the textural sensibilities of Stars melting into the vintage pop mastery of Dum Dum Girls, Gliss emits a potent confection. We can't wait to taste the full dose.

Langsom Dans will be released January 22, 2013 on Modern Outsider.

Dreampop · Indie · Shoegaze · Synth


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