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Well-known for her textured beats, unusual soundscapes, and an overall experimental feel, Los Angeles electronic producer TOKiMONSTA in rather short span of time has captured tens of thousands of fans with her singular style and sound which incorporates generous amounts of digital manipulation and seemingly old sounds in all of her songs. Somehow, the balance of those characteristics are distilled into fantastically layered songs that are both unique and fresh.

"Sore", her latest tune, is a particularly hard-hitting cut in which TOKi trims out all the fat and exposes nothing but the essentials from the very opening seconds of the song. Heavy effects set off the mood, which only increases the weight when the bass kicks and snares enter the melee of glorified glitches and synths. It does get a little repetitive after the initial two minutes, but then TOKiMONSTA introduces a much-needed ambient break that leads to build up of the re-introduction to the refreshed heavy-hitting beats. Check out the tune below.

Electronic · Experimental · IDM


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