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Triptides - "Sun / Shine" (Pyramid Vritra Remix) [Premiere]

Pyramids are really popular these days, especially amongst boundary-kicking, musically inclined folks. Frank Ocean is one. Hal Williams is another. The young producer-slash-emcee who goes by Pyramid Vritra is most commonly affiliated with NRK (Nobody Really Knows) and Odd Future's The Super 3/Jet Age of Tomorrow. If you've heard his music, you know it's as futuristic as pyramids are ancient: robotic (nearly ritualistic) vocals, dramatic drum instrumentals, and eery acid jazz keyboard synths are his mainstays.

That being said, one straight listen to all 13 tracks off his last album, Pyramid, can be sort of a brain boilSo hearing his remix of "Sun / Shine", by Indiana surf-rockers Triptides, start with all the idyllic trappings of a classic beach-pop anthem was surprising but in a this-is-going-to-be-rad way. Eventually Pyramid comes in quietly and does his thing, morphing the song into his own reinvention without compromising much of the cosmic-surfiness. It's actually a pretty ironic contrast considering you have Pyramid dropping verses over a surf-rock song by a band from land-locked Indiana. It only makes us that much more excited to premiere it. Enjoy.

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