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A Sol Mechanic - "Apple Slice"

"Apple Slices" is one of the most recent tracks dished out by A Sol Mechanic. ASM, or David Blazer, is an experimental trip hop and hip-hop producer residing in California. If you have been coasting through his work, you will notice his music touches the many ends of different genres with the experimental aspect. Last time, he left us off at with the dark, hard hittin' rap beat track "Skylab Gangsta", then he reels everything back in with the smooth, improvisational groovy beats with "Apple Slices". An improv style piano is looped throughout the duration of the track, with a kick and snare beat. There is minimal effects and sounds introduced into the song, which makes "Apple Slices" surprisingly simple, elegant and nasty (in a good way) all at the same time. With the addition of newly bought over-the-ear headphones, I am most glad that this particular track is the first song to initiate my hearing aids. I can finally feel all the interwoven intricacies once again.

Experimental · Trip-Hop


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