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D-Sisive - "When We Die We Die Together" (Prod. Muneshine)

Canadian rapper D-Sisive recently released the first song off of Jonestown III: The Dream is Over – the third installment of the trilogy that channels Jim Jones’s “Kool-Aid” iconography. The song is called, “When We Die We Die Together”, and the album is due out November 18.

“You can look at it as literal,” says D-Sisive of the record’s title. “I write about death in almost every song. I have a huge fear of death.”

D-Sisive says the song also connotes the inevitable passing on of his audience. “You never know,” he says. “I might never get another chance to do this.”

To contextualize D-Sisive to an American audience is like wrapping Action Bronson in beaver pelts and pushing him up Rainy River to let the Couchiching First Nations deal with him. Still, D-Sisive, a natural scribe, makes it easy on us.

“I take a PT Anderson approach to writing lyrics,” he says. “Like Magnolia had six or seven lives intertwined with major or minor connections. To me, the chorus represents those connections, as well as connections between me and my fans.”

 “When We Die We Die Together” features a towering sample of Of Monsters and Men’s “From Finner” produced by long-time Toronto collaborator, Muneshine. D-Sisive says his girlfriend originally found the song, and that he incorporated stories from his fans to write the two verses. 

“Jonestown 3 is much darker. The storytelling is more personal. It’s the last hurrah. So Muneshine and I decided to take risks.”

D-Sisive says the Jonestown series is for the fans - and just today he dropped the first visual of the project, for the song, “All My Friends are Dead”.

Download: D-Sisive - WhenWeDieWeDieTogether

Visit D-Sisive’s website on November 18 to download the full album. 


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